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How’s plier

P-H003 Universal pliers for the multi-band technique due to the slender working tips perfect for placing bands with pervaded brackets, especially in the lower anterior.


Weingart utility plier

P-F012 Weingart utility plier standard tip weingart fully serrated cross cut beaks at the most convenient working angle. Also Features bowed jaws that won't pinch the patients lips. (Wire Range: .012"-.028" Round/.022"x.028" Rectangular)


Tweed loop plier

P-F015. For bending small springs and ioops. For wires up to φ0.7mm/28 hard.


Torque plier

P-F007 For applying torque to edgewise wires. Parallel grip prevents crushing of wire. Hard metal indents for wires up to 0.56x0.70 mm/22x28 inch.


Tooth rubber ring forceps

P-H002 For expanding dental elastics separating rings before positioning.

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