Located in JinHua, Zhejiang Province of China, Creative Dental has now been a professional manufacturer of orthodontic products integrating R&D,manufacturing and marketing into oneunity.

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1. Innovation is the largest advantage of the company
Technical Innovation: The company is dedicated to the R&D and application of new technology and materials. The product quality and production technology have achieved international top level owing to its innovative thinking. Break Routine and Innovate Concept: The company takes the lead in going abroad to attend international exhibits, constantly exceeds technical and quality barrier, and wins the favor of the customers with super quality.
2. The products have passed the certifications of international quality management bodies The products were certified to ISO13485, ISO9001, CE, and FDA in a few years by virtue of high quality.
3. The products have high performance-price ratio. The products have high quality, good prices, and a higher performance-price ratio than other counterparts. The elastic ring products win a good reputation among customers, and become the object of imitation of the peers with good elasticity, long durability and good compatibility. The oblique grid ceramic brackets and integrated metal brackets developed by the company in 2009 have attracted the attention of industry professionals with good design and precise dimensions which surpass the peers. The products become the choices of many customers with super quality and lower prices than the like products.
4. High degree of production process mechanization. The company undertakes R&D, makes constant improvement, and introduces international advanced production equipment. Therefore, it can manufacture products with high dimensional accuracy as well as standard production process, and provide more and better products for customers.
5. The company provides proxy support policies, and low threshold. The company offers more than 20 supportive and preferential policies for agency, and provides various kinds of certificates of the enterprise and products, such as business license, state and local tax registration certificates (duplicate), CE certificate, FAD certificate, and the copy of ISO Quality Certificate, etc. which are taken as backup files. Meanwhile, the company undertakes all legal and economic responsibility for the validity and authenticity of all the certificates. It permits the agents to sell the like products, wishes to have fair competition with other brands, and wins success with high performance-price ratio and customer selections.

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